Dr. Champakali Talukdar

Dr. Champakali Talukdar

Associate Professor

Ph.D. : Gauhati University

Research Interests:

Linguistics, Assamese Philology & Assamese Grammar
Joined the University in Jun 10, 1992

Phone: 8638625331
Email: champakali.talukdar@cottonuniversity.ac.in

Vidwan Profile


Career Profile/Services:

1. Lecturer, Cotton College (1992-2000)

2. Senior Scale Lecturer, Cotton College (2000-2005)

3. Selection Grade Lecturer, Cotton College (2005-2008)

4. Associate professor, Cotton College/ CU (2008- Till now)

Activities/assignments in the University:    

Participated in all academic and cultural activities of the University.

Book publication relating subject/research concerned

1. Bhasabijnanar Itihas,2014, ISBN: 978-81-85917-35-3

2. Asamiya Bhasar Bhasabaijnanik Charcha,2014, ISBN: 978-81-85917-31-0

3. Asamiya Byakaran Aru Abhidhanar Itihas,2014, ISBN: 978-81-85917-36-1

Chapters/Articles publications in Books (Research Oriented)

1. No. of two articles published on PRANTASWAR published by North East India Network for Academic discourse on 2011 (Nov) & 2012 (June), ISSN: 2231-6760

2. One article published on Sahitya Barnali, ed. by Nurul Islam Saikia on 2012 (Sept.), ISBN: 978-93-82330-06-6

3. One article published on NAVONMESH, publish by Nandanath Saikia College, Titabar on 2017, ISSN: 2321-9521

Book publication other than subject concerned

1. Jointly edited Purbasurir Path Bichari, 2003

2. Jointly edited Bhasa: Chintan Aru Manan , 2002

3. Jointly edited Bodhan ( Journal of the UPBBSAP), 2001

4. Jointly edited Sahitya Malanch,2005


Sl.No Name Research Topic Roll No
1 John kumar Kalita Life & works of Ramesh Pathak
2 Dhanashree Kalita Language

Other Informations

Awards and Distinctions:
1. Bishnu Prasad Duora Memorial Gold Medal and Prize received for standing first in Assamese Major in TDC Exam,1987

2. Award was given by the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund, New Delhi, for secured the first rank in TDC Exam, by the GU (1986-1987)

3. Received National Scholarship from govt. of India (1988-1989)

Association with Professional Bodies:

1. Member of Asamiya Alochana Chakra.

2. Member of C.C.T.A & CUTA

3. Member of C.C.W.F

4. Life time member of UPBBSAP

5. Life time member of Assam bhasa Bijyan Samiti

6. Life time member of Guwahati Srimanta Sankardeva Kristi Bikash Kandra, Rajgarh.