The Department of Assamese, Cotton University (erstwhile Cotton College), is an integral part of the institution with a long glorious tradition of its own. Assamese as a subject at college level was first recognized by the Calcutta University in 1907. In 1943, Assamese became an independent Department. At present, the Department offers P.G. courses in Assamese in both the language and literature groups, besides courses in Assamese Major, Elective & MIL at the degree level, and also MIL at the Higher Secondary level. It also provides Ph.D. Courses in the subject. The Department has been acting as a radiation centre of Assamese language, literature & culture since its inception.


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  • বৃন্তত ভিন্ন পাপৰি (নাজমা মুখাৰ্জী), স্বতন্ত্ৰ গ্ৰন্থ
    Publish by: অসম বুক ট্ৰাষ্ট
    Publish on: 06-February-2020

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